I discovered meditation in 2000, young and intrigued with consciousness and the unconscious mind. Tormented by my own, meditation offered me awareness of my thought patterns. It allowed me peace from the madness that could be my body-mind. I’ve studied yoga from then on, mostly in aim to stabilize my tendencies of pushing too hard and too fast, too much perfectionism, too much thinking, analyzing, stressing, achieving, rebelling, burning out.

Yoga and meditation, coupled with an acute interest in food and nutrition and the politics in agriculture and medicine (spawned from my own health struggles and diary-farm-childhood) cultivated visions of dance, leading me to the contemporary and post-modern dance worlds where I learned and lived embodiment and awareness in mindful (and consciously abandoned) movement. Dancing and exploring movement have fueled my appetite for life, for real food with strong and sensitive taste buds aligned with my body’s needs through full-on embodiment, joy, the creative process, community.

In 2008 I started teaching dance and since, teaching, guiding, facilitating has been my profession, in various forms of dance, improvisation, writing, yoga, and meditation. Somatics and experiential anatomy were persistent studies through my dance years that involved detailed hands-on work, which inspired my trainings in 2015-2016 of the massage techniques and yoga therapeutics I offer, grounding purpose in sharing one-on-one, combining yoga, meditation, breath, movement, bodywork, and the larger spectrum of holistic health, particularly with food and nutrition, herbs, Ayruvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Discipline in body-mind practices has empowered more moments of freedom from my own baggage, through dissolving layers of blockage, tension, and culturally constructed limitations, and this is from what and why I share: because the journey of health and balance is our right, our liberation, already here, available to us.