Pull Oil, Salt Water Rinse, Tongue Scraping (optional)

Brush and Rinse! Teeth and Tongue

Mouthwash (optional)


Pull Oil

Why pull oil? The oil pulls bacteria and phlegm from your mouth physical cleaning won’t, and oil pulling is detoxifying not only for your mouth but whole body with numerous health benefits when practiced over time.

Put 2-3 tsp. of raw and unrefined oil in your mouth, swish it around for as long as you can—10-20 minutes is optimal or until after it thins out—and spit it in the toilet or wastebasket.

It’s best done on an empty stomach, 4-5 hours after eating. Part of the morning routine is easiest. It’s best to clean your mouth out before swallowing anything in the morning—it gathers bacteria overnight! The oil loosens and gathers bacterias and toxins for you to spit and clean out. You can add activated charcoal for extra tartar and toxin removal or a half drop of essential oil for extra benefits.

Coconut and sesame oil are most prominently used for pulling oil, but other raw and unrefined oils can be utilized as well. (Refined oil doesn’t feel or taste good!)


Salt Water Rinse

Take some salt directly on your tongue and add water or dilute it in a cup, with essential oil if preferred. Move it around and through the teeth, tongue, back of the throat. You can gargle, too. Spit it out.

You can do this after pulling oil, before brushing teeth (or instead of brushing if need be) or at anytime of day.


Tongue Scraping

You can use a tongue scraper or simply use a metal spoon, good for all doshas and for the minimalist/traveler. Get to know your tongue. Remove more toxins.


Brush and Rinse! Teeth and Tongue

It’s best to clean your mouth out before swallowing anything in the morning—it is a toxic cesspool after a night’s sleep!

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of salt and a few drops of essential oil if preferred as a minimalist toothpaste. If you have sensitive enamel, skip the baking soda or use sparingly. With or without a DIY toothpaste, and water, brush teeth and tongue, rinse and spit out, brush more, rinse and spit again. Don’t swallow! You are gathering toxins from your mouth and throat to remove them (spit them out) from your body.

Gums and teeth love the stimulation of brushing and swishing. If you have sensitive teeth, gums or enamel, then swish! It stimulates circulation in the jaw and face, too. This physical cleaning is as important as than the ingredients themselves!



If you like fizz and the taste of apple cider vinegar, mix a teaspoon or two of ACV with baking soda in a glass, add a little water, essential oil if preferred, and use this as a mouthwash.

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