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Hi, I’m Jyllin

and I’m here to help you cultivate holistic healthcare within the fabric of your daily life — so you can feel relaxed, present, and love your whole self — centered in confidence, clarity, and connection.

I believe that liberation from the core wound of unworthiness is key to unlock your authentic self — the real you who is free from the web of limited beliefs gathered from past generations, this lifetime, and society at large.

And when you increasingly live your true nature and purpose — in how you feel, act, and interact — you empower liberation for those around you… and the collective.

Jill brings a centered, steady and powerful presence to each encounter. Her listening is clear and intuitive, and her healing work has supported me to feel more grounded, resilient and joyful.

Taya Shere

Which Elements Source

Your Lifestyle Medicine Most?

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Explore 5-Element Holistic Liberation

5-Element Holistic Liberation is designed to guide you through TRANSFORMATION with practical and sustainable daily holistic healthcare based on five-element theory of 3000-year-old Chinese Medicine. 

HL practices address the meridians in the physical and mental-emotional bodies and their corresponding connective tissue pathways, muscle groups, and organs using guided meditation, Yin & Yang Yoga, EFT-Tapping, herbs & nutrition. 

Jill’s 5-element practices have been an absolute game changer for me. Her mastery of EFT and yoga has heightened my intuition and patience, and her precise explanations in the videos made learning effortless.

By delving into the anatomy and intricate connection between mind and body, Jill’s teachings have given me profound insights into my personal challenges. After immersing myself in this practice for only three weeks now, I can feel tangible transformation in both my physical and mental well-being.

This is truly a priceless endeavor. The benefits gained in terms of self awareness, physical well-being and optimism for the future are invaluable investments in myself. It’s a journey that pays dividends far beyond what words can express.

Ahu Smith

In-Person Services

Jyllin giving massage
Therapeutic Massage with Jyllin

For holistically-aware women who care for themselves and others, receiving help is an aquired skill. Plus finding those you trust is another challenge when cultivating a lifestyle of holistic healthcare.

If you believe that you can give yourself all you need on your own, or you solely receive massage from friends or loved ones, you’ll experience a new depth of restoration, love and awareness through the hands of a manual body-professional.

I focus on creating physical clarity, space, and ease through deep manipulation of the muscular system while addressing the lymphatic, myofascial, and meridian pathways, transforming your mental, emotional, and physical state.

Jill’s calm demeanor and intuitive and holistic approach has helped my sciatic issues and has been a therapeutic way to deal physically and mentally with overall daily stressors… I’m more relaxed and grounded with Jill’s services as an integral part of my balance and well-being.

Jeanette Clopton

Therapeutic Yoga with Jyllin

You’re a longtime student of mindful movement practices, or you know that this is the path for you.

As you experience meditative moments through fine-tuned embodied practices, you soften into awareness of your true Self and shed deeper layers of stress, limited beliefs, and social conditioning that hold you, and the collective, in undesired patterns.

With a foundation in contemporary dance, experiential anatomy, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Yoga Therapeutics based on the meridian system and five-element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I meet students where they are within their practice, based on the day, the hour, the weather, the season, and their physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Learn How to Love Yourself More through Holistic Liberation

You want to instill practical, holistic healthcare into your daily life. In fact, you already have many tools and know-how in your kit. Issue is that you desire more creative consistency… and you’re not alone!

This is why I’ve created the Holistic Liberation Method. It supports thriving health in body, mind, and emotions PLUS rewires the subconscious beliefs that can keep you from expressing life at your full potential. 

My Holistic Liberation Program guides the creation of your sustainable holistic lifestyle — so you can fully enjoy your moments with relaxed presence, truthful compassion, and refined awareness through the jouney between effort and ease, strength and softness, Yin and Yang.

“Jill has a wealth of knowledge that I think very few yoga teachers have and very wisely recommended short practices that I wouldn’t have been successful at maintaining had they been long. And wow, the EFT sessions are miraculous and mind-blowing.


Jill gives things in small, bite-sized pieces incrementally making Holistic Liberation a practical, useful, and effective program.


Now the way I feel has changed dramatically. I feel freer and braver — freer in my body and freer in my mind. Transformation isn’t too big of a word.”


Maureen Dean

How the Holistic Liberation Method Works:

Align Your Mind

EFT-tapping empowers your beliefs, self-talk, and habitual thoughts — removing unconscious resistance that can sabotage the depth of your pleasure, joy, love, and peace — in your internal, and external, world.

Transform Your Lifestyle

Replace outdated, limited habits with sustainable and practical daily holistic healthcare — suited to your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs — with customized habit and holistic health coaching.

Free Your Body-Mind

Live and personalized classes integrate therapeutic Hatha and Yin yoga — unraveling deeply engrained stress stored in your body-mind AND emotions — grounding you into trusted guidance within your body and intuition.


Holistic Liberation supports easeful transformation into full expression of your authentic self… all within months.

Are you ready to create the life you’ve been longing for in a way that feels practical, sustainable, and fully supported?


Discover how through the Holistic Liberation Program.

Jill’s depth of knowledge about how to reduce stress for my mind, body and soul gives her the keen ability to provide a top notch professional wellness experience. Her sheer presence is therapeutic and calming…


Autumn Pearson

Journey Holistic Liberation with DIY Tips & Tools

Grief is Love Asking Us to Let Go & Grow

Grief is a natural response to change, including loss of what’s been harmful to us. Here are holistic tools to make this process easier.

Vitamins: When We Need More B’s!

If you’re stressing, drinking, smoking, using illicit or prescribed drugs long-term, hooked on sugar or processed food, you need extra vitamin B!

Chronically stressed? Let’s work on that

Running on stress creates a roller-coaster of bursts and crashes of energy, physically and emotionally. This is exhausting, and exhilarating, and addictive!

Massage Your Ears, Access Your Entire Body

Massaging the ears eases stress, anxiety, headaches, and tension throughout the body all while releasing endorphins for natural pain relief.

Ten Ways and Reasons to Reduce Processed Foods

They’re toxic, stressful, and addictive. Weaning off is crucial not only our health, but for the planet’s as well.

The Why for the Ways of the DIY Holistic-Minimalist

Do you care about your health, the world’s health? The “DIY Holistic-Minimalist” doesn’t require much more time, only more intention, learning, and awareness.

Practice feeling thankful. It’ll change everything

Gratitude releases hormones that create new activity, possibilities, and circulation in and to the brain, bringing with it a multitude of health benefits.

Mindfully Embodied & Breathing Meditation

A guided meditation into present and mindful awareness to integrate and heal into wholeness.

Detoxifying Yoga that Releases Anger and Worry

This yoga-movement practice addresses the intersection between anger and emptiness in the emotional and mental bodies while covering all detoxification bases.

DIY Lymphatic Methods to Boost Immunity & Detox

Consciously pumping lymph is vital when we’re fatigued, stressed, or stagnant to release toxins, boost immunity, and release happy hormones!

A Daily Yoga Practice for Stress & Anxiety

A foundational movement practice to address stress, fear, anxiety, fatigue, or exhaustion specific for strained kidneys, adrenals, psoas, and central nervous system.

Holistic Strategies for the Stresses of Everyday Life

Use this guide for head-to-toe health tactics to relieve chronic stress that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. From guest writer Jennifer McGregor.

Ways to Face Chronic Fear for Freedom and Flow

Fear shows itself as anxiety, phobias, dominance, and submission, but when we lighten fear’s load, we let go of the need to control to discover ease and flow.

How to Detox & De-stress with Abdominal Breathing

To ease stress, detoxify, and build immunity, let’s begin with the most basic and life-altering breathing technique that is safe for everyone: Breathing with the diaphragm.

Thrive with Five Daily Nutritional Necessities

Our food is our most fundamental medicine. Here’s a daily to-consume list to make doing so as simple as possible.

How to Change Stressful Patterns, One Habit at a Time

A detailed guide to transform stressful habits into healthy ones, reclaiming power in daily life to share this love and care with our world.

Ease Anger, Save Your Liver & Reclaim Your Power

Anger is addictive and potentially self-destructive. Here are holistic body, mind, and behavioral tools to ease chronic anger that stresses the liver.

Jyllin’s DIY Holistic Morning Routine

Soothe and strengthen the nervous system, boost creativity, productivity, and brain health, and detox on the daily with this DIY Holistic Morning Routine.

DIY Holistic-Minimalist Bathroom Basics

Four ingredients and a toothbrush are all you need, but remember, quality makes all the difference.

DIY Holistic-Minimalist Tooth and Mouth Care

Proper self-care for the mouth is caring for the entire body in the process. Be mindful of what goes in there!

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