Five Element Yoga Workshops in Essaouira

Thursday, October 17, 17:00-18:30
Metal: Lungs & Large Intestine

Saturday, October 19, 11:00-12:30
Earth: Spleen & Stomach

I aim to offer these workshops now in October, in December, and again in March, always with Earth element and the element of the season. 🙏

PM to reserve spot and receive location details
A two-minute ride from the Medina of Essaouira, mats provided.

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Combining a physical yoga practice, Taoist exercises, simple breathing exercises, and guided meditations to address specific meridians and organs, these workshops will address metal, the element for autumn, and earth, the element that we always return to.

I am experienced teaching complete beginners to those with more experience, of all ages, simultaneously. If you have concerns about your health or ability, message me to discuss. I prefer to share these practices in an explorative manner, which allows the workshops to feel safe and enjoyable no matter one’s “level,” age, or state of health…

Thursday evening we will focus on the lungs and large intestine. The primary emotion associated with this element is grief. You will learn specific exercises for these organs while discovering how these organs, and imbalances, effect mental-emotional health and can manifest in our lives. Through this practice, you will uncover more about the practice, and art, of letting life and all that comes with it in, and letting it all go, creating more ease in moving with life’s natural ebb and flow.

Saturday morning will focus on opening and strengthening the front of the body, creating a grounded and energizing effect. Earth is our digestion, our relationship with our bodies, our food, our core. The earth element is associated with worry, and this practice addresses the worry, and neediness, that can arise when we aren’t stable, centered, grounded, and whole within ourselves. This workshop offers an approach that you can take with you into your own self-care practices to fulfill this internal feeling of lack that is too easily experienced within our modern world.

Jyllin is a holistic health coach and somatic practitioner, and teacher of therapeutic yoga and creative movement, specializing in liberation from addictive patterns of chronic stress. Learn more about Jyllin and The Holistic Liberation Program

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