What is the Holistic Liberation Program?

First, it’s a four month online program. This ensures that you are fully supported through the 90-days time required to move on from any harmful, self-medicating patterns.
Other than be guided and supported through acute and long-term physical, mental and emotional detoxification that offers clarity and vision for life goals and relationships, what else will you gain from the program?
1. Physical transformation for more vitality, strength, ease and energy that naturally reduce and eventually eliminate physical pain and cravings for any harmful consumption.
2. Mental transformation for a quieter and more peaceful mind, more joy, a kinder inner voice, that support healthy behavior and relationships, and reduce and eventually eliminate mental cravings for any harmful consumption.
3. Emotional transformation for more stability internally and externally, in relationships and with yourself for authentic self-confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance, that eases criticality of others and self and therefore eases relationships, and reduces and eventually eliminates emotional cravings for any harmful consumption.
4. Spiritual transformation to feel more connected, more peaceful, less lonely, more protected and supported by the universe, more intrinsically motivated and inspired, aiding ease and natural flow-states for higher productivity levels while lifting stress, extraneous pressure and thus superficial relationships, to feel full with life, rather than rely on external sources for fulfillment, self-worth, and contentment, reducing and eventually eliminating cravings for any harmful consumption.

The program is made simple, so it is easy to follow. The assignments are sensitive to time-limitations, requiring a minimum of 15 minutes per day and much more if you wish.

This program offers audios, videos, written articles, and support calls that:

👉🏾 Offer practical tools to establish new, healthy daily habits while removing unwanted habits 

👉🏾 Guide various forms of meditation

👉🏾 Guide therapeutic yoga and movement practices

👉🏾 Provide one-on-one and recorded EFT-tapping sessions

👉🏾 Offer basic food and nutritional guidance

👉🏾 Offer practical herbal guidance

👉🏾 Provide one-on-one and group support calls

👉🏾 Lifetime access to private Facebook support group

👉🏾 Lifetime access to continually developed program content library

Jyllin, certified as a holistic healthcare practitioner in 2004, a bodyworker, and teacher of therapeutic yoga and creative movement, is committed to sharing environmentally and socially conscientious lifestyle tools that support liberation from addictive patterns of chronic stress. Learn more about Jyllin and The Holistic Liberation Program