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Which Elements Source Your Lifestyle Medicine Most?

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The Holistic Liberation Program

For one-one-one guidance and support through a transformative holistic liberation journey, learn more here.

If you’re like most modern women living in the modern world and do better with guidance and support — and accountability in showing up every day and every week, month after month — HLP ensures transformation through your holistic liberation journey!

HLP supports you as you replace outdated habits with new and specific-to-you lifestyle medicine with habit & holistic health coaching.

One-on-one “miraculous and mind-blowing” EFT-tapping sessions top off the HLP journey by transforming your limiting subconscious thoughts and self-talk into empowering beliefs that support EASE through your holistic liberation transformation. 


Holistic Liberation

Explore each and all of the five elements AND the 5-Element Holistic Liberation options here.

Moving the Wood Element: Ease anger and irritation through decisive action that's aligned with your soul's purpose

The Five Elements are cycles through each day, year and season of life. Together they address the entire bodymind and set the stage for lifelong holistic healthcare. Utilizing all Five Element HL Practices is highly recommended. You’ll also receive exclusive bonus practices available only with 5-Element Holistic Liberation.

Follow the link to take DIY deep-dives into each element, the plethora of practices provided, and which ones most match you.

5-Element Yoga

Discover the 5-Element Yoga practices here.

If you’re a yoga practioner and want to deepen your 5-Element holistic healhcare with highly intentional 90-minute Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga practices, take advantage of 5-Element Yoga.

Each yoga practice differs from the next in flow, posture utilization, and reflects the Yin and Yang aspects of the primary element and the elements that directly support it.