Let’s make this simple. It makes sense that you wish to contribute to Jyllin.com because you are interested in the page. This means that you have read its content. Show that you have read its content by sharing high quality and appropriate writing. Wit is also nice.

  • Contribute ORIGINAL content to Jyllin.com. This means that you haven’t published it before and will credit original publishing to Jyllin.com in any reposts.
  • This is of utmost importance: READ Jyllin.com posts for guidelines! This means that you contribute coverage not already posted (shoot me a message to run your content pitch by me first if so desired), and that you follow suit, in style, topic, tone (informative and concise), 700-1000 words, and include images and external links for reference and supplemental information.
  • Only FULLY EDITED and titled submissions will be considered.
  • Add brief bio with website + social links and photo if desired.
  • And of course, write with your voice that is only yours. 😎
  • Send submission to info@jyllin.com.