👇🏽 Click on the video below for a guided foundational Yin Yoga practice designed for daily use to address chronic stress or anxiety, fatigue, and/or exhaustion, for strained psoas, kidneys, adrenals, and central nervous system. Longer practices are also available as part of the Holistic Liberation Program.

There’s also a sister Hatha-Vinyasa yoga practice that provides more movement for the psoas, kidneys, adrenals, and central nervous system. Both the Yin and Hatha-Vinyasa practices are recommended if you’re chronically stressed, fearful or anxious, seriously drained, can’t sleep, or stay asleep, if you ride the roller coaster of highs and lows, or if you find yourself caught in repetitive self-sabotaging behaviors.

The modern world has emplaced upon us layer after layer of stress. It’s always existed in our social systems, and now we have it in the abundance of technology and advertising that’s made to be addictive, in our all-too-common sedentary lifestyles, in the dominance of prescription drugs skyrocketing as the common fix-all that harm our liver, and all of the toxic sh*t that increasingly consumes our food, our minds, our air, homes, bodies, and our relationships!

It’s tiring just to think about it, which is part of the problem, too—we think too much. We rely so heavily on our thoughts to guide us while neglecting to listen to our bodies, our hearts, our intuition, let alone to each other.

Yin yoga to the rescue. This practice is specific for chronic stress and anxiety, to restore the psoas, kidneys, adrenals, and central nervous system. This is an ideal practice for the evening to help with sleep, although any time of day is beneficial!

When we hold postures longer and offer ourselves support in these longer holds, we can relax into an opening of our connective tissue, where we retain memory and emotions. We give ourselves time to be with our bodies and the sensations that we feel in these positions. We let our nervous system rest.

This means that we fully support this practice with pillows, cushions, blankets, towels, clothing, or standard yoga props such as bolsters and blocks. This is guided in the video.

You will also be guided to consciously be in your body, to feel your body, to know your body from within. The simplest way out of a stress response, and to find our way out of chronic stress patterns, is to get into our bodies. This is also a powerful tool for healing trauma.

Our body is our unconscious mind. All memories and emotions are stored in our bodies! When we take our consciousness into our bodies, we make the unconscious conscious. We can then intentionally embrace ourselves in full awareness. This is the process of knowing our whole selves, to be able to listen to our body that already knows how to care for itself.

Can you practice five times or more a week? These yoga sessions are only 15-minutes each, on purpose, to make them accessible to time restraints, and they contrast each other significantly, so if you’re too tired to strengthen, then restore, and if you find it aggravating to lie in these positions, then focus on movement that’s specific for stress and anxiety relief that is, again, guided here as a concise yoga practice.

There are longer practices that come as part of the Holistic Liberation Program, along with other essential movement practices, live yoga classes and support calls, and supplemental holistic practices for a fully supportive, well-rounded approach to changing stressful habits and lifestyle patterns to remedy the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual causes and symptoms of chronic stress.

How often can you invite deeper relaxation into your day, to listen to your body’s wisdom, to let your mind rest, to rest into this moment, to allow stress from the past or the future release into the support that is always beneath you?

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on how this practice supports you below, or as always, keep in touch by subscribing or by joining in the Holistic Liberation Facebook group.

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