Earth Element



Welcome to your earth element practices!

Earth element practices address the spleen and stomach meridians in the physical and mental-emotional bodies and focus on toning the feet, legs, deep and superficial core muscles, and the entire frontline of the body.


This intention and focus in attention in the earth element practices specify and increase the benefits you receive from them, helping you to:


Release worry, obsessive thinking, and feelings of lack by stabilizing you into the center of your body and into the Earth —  so you can feel whole, balanced, and content within embodied presence — empowering you with mental clarity and a sense of fulfillment in relationship with yourself and others.

Let’s begin.

Earth Element EFT-Tapping

If you’re new to the EFT-tapping practice or unfamiliar with the EFT-tapping points, watch this short video to learn the tapping points, their individual benefits, and how you can utilize them at anytime you’re in need.

Take a seat in a comfortable position, and let yourself settle in for your earth element EFT practice.

Earth Element Meditation

Optional Yin Posture for Meditation: Legs Against the Wall

Viparita Karani, legs up the wall pose, is optional to rest into during your guided earth element meditation. Watch the brief video below for an easy transition into and out of this posture if you’re unfamiliar with this posture.

Modifications for this pose:

If your hamstrings are tight, you can lie with more distance between the wall and your legs. If your back is tight, doing this without a cushion beneath the lower back may feel better. You can also use a cushion under your head or neck if you feel any tension in your neck while lying down.

Whatever your set-up, it should feel really, really good!

Ten minutes of meditation in this posture equals one hour of deep sleep! It also:

  • Detoxifies the blood while reducing varicose veins and swelling in the lower body
  • Reduces stress, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Alleviates mild backache, menstrual cramps, and menopause symptoms
  • Provides migraine and headache relief and improves ear and eye ailments

Now choose to lie with your legs against the wall or however is most comfortable for your meditation.

Earth Element Yoga

Yang Yoga: Active, Strengthening, Adv. Beginner Up

This concise 15-minute practice is designed for daily use that guides you into savasana, so set aside 20 minutes for this active yoga.

It is designed to open and strengthen and for those who are a bit familiar to the Hatha-Vinyasa yoga practice. If you’re new to yoga, however, feel free to use and improve with practice! As always, be kind and gentle with yourself.

Yin Yoga: Passive, Restorative,
Complete Beginner Up

This Yin Yoga practice is for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Utilize this practice as regularly as possible, especially if you are caught in patterns of worry, overthinking, or feeling disembodied, lack, malnourished, or fatigued!

You can show up for this 30-minute practice as preparation for sleep, or for a calm addition anytime to your day. We practice some self-massage and slow opening to get into the connective tissues and create deep restoration for body and mind.

Earth Element Nutrition & Herbs

Enjoy any of the dietary and herbal guidelines provided here to complete incorporation of earth element medicine into your lifestyle.

Please Respect Privacy

I started my meditation practice in 2000, my yoga practice in 2001, holistic health coaching in 2004, and started teaching movement in 2008. I’ve been working with five-element theory since 2016.

I’ve put heart and soul (and lots of time and energy) into creating and sharing these practices with you, so please and por favor, if you wish to share these practices with anyone, send them here so they can support my dedication to my work and service to you.

Thank you for your support and respect of privacy!

Enjoy & Thank YOU!

If you have questions or comments, please connect with me at or on Facebook.

Thanks so much for being here with me, and enjoy your earth element exploration!