You’re conscientious. You’re compassionate.

And you’re over it — stress, that is.

And any of the less-than-helpful ways you’ve dealt with it.

You want to be your authentic self. That version of you who’s positive, productive, and simply does what needs to be done rather than thinking about it. And as a result you can enjoy better sleep and more time, balance, and freedom.

And you’re already on your way there.

You’re self-aware and have a head on your shoulders. In fact, your friends often admire the life you lead.

But, secretly, you’re spread thin and feel weighed down by everyone’s expectations. Especially your own. Plus, you’re so busy taking care of everyone and everything that you don’t always have the capacity to take care of yourself.

The truth is that habitual self-care is a skill that has to be learned. And the best way to do it is when you have a nurturing support system that empowers you to do so in a way that’s sustainable.

But that’s easier said than done. 

Hey, I’m Jyllin!

I see you. In fact, I’ve done my share of struggling.

C-PTSD. Anxiety. Panic attacks. These all played a major role in my life. And my coping mechanisms were less than helpful. I’d starve myself and eventually binged in response to the starving. I barely slept, eventually needing coffee to get me through my days. And as the PTSD compounded, I relied on alcohol at night to be able to relax or even sleep at all.

On top of that, I had tools from my professions like holistic health, movement, and yoga that equipped me to take better care of myself.

The problem was that I dealt with my self-sabotaging patterns mostly in secret, and the shame of my struggles kept me from deeper healing no matter the healthy practices I had in my life.

After enough decline in my health, I knew that I couldn’t get better on my own. I had to open up about my struggles, and once I did, I finally let go of those negative coping mechanisms and began the work of uncovering and repatterning the sources of my stress.

♥︎ I integrated tools from my fields of holistic health, movement, and yoga and applied them to my daily habits.

♥︎ I focused on realigning my subconscious mind and beliefs.

♥︎ I gradually rewired my brain and released the chronic stress patterns from my body-mind and lifestyle.

Through years of piecemealing holistic healing and self-development modalities together, I finally uncovered my TRUE self — a woman who is free from harmful stress responses, shame, low self-esteem, self-harm, and anxiety.

Now I help other women achieve easeful and balanced freedom through sustainable self-care that’s rooted in deep love and respect for themselves.

Are you ready to uproot and unravel stress in a way that feels practical, sustainable, and fully supported?

Discover how through the Holistic Liberation Programs.

Jyllin is an integrative health coach and creator of the Holistic Liberation Method that repatterns chronic stress in the body, mind, beliefs, emotions, and lifestyle. Learn more about The Holistic Liberation Programs