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Hi, I’m Jyllin

and I’m here to help free you from stressful patterns that leave you anxious, overwhelmed, and tired of your own coping mechanisms.

I believe that liberation from chronic physical, mental, and emotional stress is the key to unlock your authentic self — when you’re relaxed, present, and love your WHOLE self — centered in confidence, clarity, and connection.

And when you repattern your own chronic stress, you create healthy shifts for the world around you.

Jill brings a centered, steady and powerful presence to each encounter. Her listening is clear and intuitive, and her healing work has supported me to feel more grounded, resilient and joyful.

Taya Shere

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Learn How to Love Yourself More through Holistic Liberation

Need to relieve yourself from the pressure of stress but lack guidance and/or support to make it happen? You’re not alone!

Knowing you need to make a change is a great first step, but a lot of people struggle to see this type of critical transformation through.

That’s why I created The Holistic Liberation Method. It repatterns stress that’s held in the body, mind, emotions, and lifestyle PLUS rewires the subconscious beliefs that can keep you stuck in a stress loop.

My Holistic Liberation Program is designed to help you experience deep, internal shifts that free you from the causes of your stress, so you can sleep well, rest easy, and enjoy vital energy in action.

“Stress was an all-consuming force that found its way into and even dominated all aspects of my life, making me slow and sluggish at work and at home. I felt bogged down and rushed at the same time. I was drained emotionally and my body didn’t have energy. I questioned why my life had to be the way it was. I knew I needed to make changes.

Jill’s been instrumental to get rid of the stress by doing things differently and leading a different life.

Now I have more energy because instead of worrying and putting things off, I spend my time doing what needs to be done. Now I don’t worry or stress. I feel like there’s so much progress and movement and am back to being myself again.”


Asked to Remain Anonymous

How the Holistic Liberation Method Works:

Align Your Mind

EFT-tapping empowers your beliefs and removes cravings that can hold you in stressful patterns — aligning your subconscious mind to support, rather than sabotage, the healthy changes you desire.

Transform Your Lifestyle

Replace harmful, stressful habits with sustainable and practical daily de-stressing habits — suited to your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs with customized habit and holistic health coaching.

Free Your Body-Mind

Live and personalized classes integrate therapeutic yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, and embodiment — unraveling and repatterning stress stored in your body-mind AND emotions.


Holistic Liberation addresses stress from all angles — so you experience EASE through TRANSFORMATION — all within months.

Are you ready to uproot and unravel stress in a way that feels practical, sustainable, and fully supported?


Discover how through the Holistic Liberation Program.

Jill’s depth of knowledge about how to reduce stress for my mind, body and soul gives her the keen ability to provide a top notch professional wellness experience. Her sheer presence is therapeutic and calming…


Autumn Pearson

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