Pacify Fear:

Restoring the Water Element

Water-element practices cultivate deeper listening skills and trust with your body and intuition — empowering you with clarity and courage that’s aligned with your true essence, vitality, and purpose.

The Water Element Package Includes:

Meditation with Optional Yin Posture
Yang Yoga Practice
Yin Yoga Practice
 EFT-Tapping Instruction
EFT-Tapping Session
Herbal & Nutritional Guide

You’ll benefit from water element-focused practices if you identify with any of the below:
  • Struggling with anxiety, panic, phobias, or feeling nervous, wired and tired, or agitated
  • Feeling restricted in expressing your truth, whether in agreement or disagreement
  • Too often feeling unconfident and limited or hidden by shyness
  • Avoiding challenges or creating necessary changes in fear of “failure” or imperfection
  • Feeling defeated by remaining in all-too familiar outgrown and uncomfortable patterns
  • Prone to feeling cold and can experience difficulty warming up
  • Pain or tension anywhere in the pelvis or throughout the back body 
  • Experiencing patterns of fatigue, exhaustion, or overwhelm
Your water element is also imbalanced if you unconsciously try to control fear, expressed as:
  • Being a workaholic or perfectionist
  • Always thinking, doing, pushing, rushing, or neglecting essential rest and recuperation
  • Having tendencies of being overly ambitious and focused on achievement 
  • Perhaps attempting to control yourself and/or others 
  • Potentially self-medicating tension with depressants like alcohol, weed, or sleeping aids
  • Or self-medicating fatigue or exhaustion with stimulants like coffee, sugars, or adrenaline reliance (drama, conflict, physical danger, cheating, etc.)
Water element practices focus on toning the central nervous system, kidneys, adrenals, psoas, and the entire backline of the body.
This releases fear, anxiety, nervousness, stress, and tension in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies — deepening your trust, confidence, and sense of safety within yourself, your relationships, and the actions you take in the world.
Use the practices as you wish, as often and at whatever time of day you desire. They’ll help stabilize your energy so you feel calmer and more energized through the day, and aid deeper, and more easeful, sleep.

Deeply Nourish with Daily Practice

If you’re feeling particularly imbalanced in ways listed above, it’s optimal to commit to the meditation, yoga practice, and/or EFT session — whichever most resonates with you — as a daily practice.

This is stabilizing and is great nourishment for the adrenals: commitment to creating new patterns and settling into daily rituals that address your body-mind needs. Then you will feel more benefit, not just within and directly after the practice (because that is sure to happen) but for longterm benefit that lasts. 

The water element is foundational to all other elements, so this is the best place to start your five-element lifestyle medicine journey.

See you in your water-focused practices,


Thank you Jill for this wonderful set of tools! The videos you created help me unwind, relax into whatever resistance I feel and let it melt away. I’ve felt stuck energies, and even discomfort arise, but I breathe through it and following your guidance transmute it.

Even as a complete beginner to any type of movement, I am able to follow your yoga sessions comfortably and easily.. as well as your tapping session. You lead so effortlessly and it’s all so easy to understand – very fun to do, even for a very unmotivated person as myself.

I feel like thanks to you I will implement more and more of these practices into my daily life. I love what you create and your energy. Very thankful! ❤


Irina Guthova

Water Element Yang Yoga utilizes active yoga postures from Hatha Yoga that address the kidney and bladder meridians and their corresponding connective tissue pathways, organs, and muscle groups. Yang is energizing and strengthening.

This is a concise 20-minute practice designed for daily use and is recommended for advanced beginner to advanced yoga practitioners:

  • Through the winter months
  • When moving through a particularly stressful experience or period of time
  • Anytime of year if struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, pain in the pelvis or back body, kidney or urinary difficulties, or hormonal imbalances

Water Element Yin Yoga utilizes supported, passive yoga postures from Yin Yoga that address the kidney and bladder meridians and their corresponding connective tissue pathways, organs, and muscle groups. Yin is restorative and relaxing.

This is a concise 30-minute practice designed for frequent use and is recommended for complete beginner to advanced yoga practitioners:

  • Through the winter months
  • When moving through a particularly stressful experience or period of time
  • Anytime of year if struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, pain in the pelvis or back body, kidney or urinary difficulties, or hormonal imbalances
  • For those experiencing fatigue or exhaustion, whether chronically or acutely: This practice will prevent any further stagnation and loss of strength while nourishing deeper energy reserves to slowly relieve fatigue or exhaustion. If any of it tires you out, however, utilize parts that feel appropriate and/or stick with the guided meditation, EFT, and nutritional/herbal guidelines until you get stronger.

Emotional Freedom Technique is an evidence-based method that integrates aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy with tapping specific Acupuncture points on the body. EFT improves the resting heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels, immune function as well as learning and attention capacities. It is clinically proven to reduce anxiety, PTSD, phobias, and depression. The EFT practice provided here is made to address fear and develop intuitive listening skills. It will inherently relax and restore the nervous system and work at resetting your relationship with your own intuition and trust with yourself.

The water element comes from five-element theory that is foundational in Traditional Eastern Medicines of China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. It is associated with specific meridians and connective tissue pathways that run throughout the physical body and their correlation to the mental-emotional bodies.

The guided meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system and tones the vagus nerve to reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation. It ends with affirmations related to balancing the water element. It is optional to do the meditation in a deeply restorative Yin Yoga posture. This is guided in a brief video separate from the meditation.

If you’re new to yoga, yes.

While the Yang practice is more appropriate for advanced beginners up, if you’re a complete beginner you can give it a try—it is only 15-minutes of active yoga—and see if you want to stick with it. You will also get stronger as you utilize the other practices in this package. They will prime you for the Yang Yoga!

The Yin Yoga is for complete beginners up, so yes, please use it!

Yes. The water-focused practices are designed specifically to help with fatigue and exhaustion. If the Yang Yoga is too much for you, opt for the Yin Yoga, EFT, meditation, and incorporating dietary and herbal considerations into your lifestyle. As you get stronger (be patient with yourself), the yang practice will become more accessible as well.

If you’re experienced with yoga, yes.

The Yin & Yang Yoga practices specifically tone the nervous system, kidneys, adrenals, psoas, and backline of the body. Neither is made for exercise per say or practicing advanced postures. Their aim is to give you the tools to practice daily or as consistently as possible so you can both deeply strengthen and restore.

To preserve the privacy of these practices, refunds are not provided. Ask any questions you may have to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase at

Restoring the Water Element:

Your Role within the Whole

Our essential energy reserves are often depleted in the modern world’s sense of immediacy, need for instant gratification, or demand to forge ahead at all cost by overworking, overthinking, and lacking rest and the natural rhythm of cyclical hibernation, each day, each menstrual cycle, each year.

This is the water element imbalanced. Envision waters that flood and destroy through excessive force, and water that dries up through human’s excessive, displaced use of it.

To remedy this depletion, begin by respecting your own energy reserves. Protect them, nourish them, and utilize the dark hours of each day, and the dark months of each year, to turn inward with more rest, more sleep, warming foods, and soft, quiet practices.

Because within the depth of our internal energy reserves lies our essence — the self that is stripped bare from ego-based identities and all of the ways we have learned to be but inherently are not.

Each of us has the power to release all that we are not — these ways we’ve inherited that ultimately keep the world functioning in harmful, outdated patterns.

We can release what we are not and discover our true essence by allowing deep rest, stillness, and quiet (like on snowfilled land). We can move inward and discover real listening: listening to the quiet voice within that knows what we need in bodymind and our part in life as a whole — through a felt sense that doesn’t require words.

It is from the quiet depths within that we discover our authentic selves and greater purpose, and when aligned with our true essense, we experience ease and flow.

Ease doesn’t equate inaction. Rather life—we as individuals, our communities, and the world at large—can naturally flow by tapping into the courage and will that spring forth when they are aligned with our unique passion in purpose.

And when living in alignment with our true selves and greater purpose, we free ourselves from insecurity and emptiness that come from losing our selves in the quest for constant action and achievement. We lose the false self that is based on oudated values and destructive habits of shame, guilt, neglect, and deep distrust of others, the world, and most importantly, distrust in Self.

When aligned with our essence and purpose, free from the past, we finally discover the peace of inner fulfillment.

And we live and share this peace with our world.