Free yourself from self-sabotaging stress (and keep it that way) through the Holistic Liberation Method.

I know you want to feel clarity, ease, and balance in your life.

In order to get there you need a place where you can let your guard down, authentically express yourself, and be supported in building the healthy habits you need to flow with life — naturally rhythmic, light, and energized.

The problem is that you face constant pressure to do all the things, take care of everyone else (plus yourself), and live up to your own high standards. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, irritable, and ultimately, disappointed.

You know you need to do better about taking care of yourself on a regular basis (after all, no one’s going to do it for you). But it seems like too much to take on.

The thing is, my friend, that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I believe that practical and sustainable self-care is the key for you to be relaxed, present, and 100% in LOVE with who and where you are in life. You just need the right kind of support to get there.

That’s where I come in.

“Jill’s sheer presence is therapeutic and calming… She’s very intuitive, wise beyond her years, and is kind and gentle but has the grit to hold you accountable.”

Autumn P.

I know what it’s like to live with deeply-ingrained stress patterns.

C-PTSD. Anxiety. Panic attacks. These all played a major role in my life. And my coping mechanisms were less than helpful. In fact, they made things worse!

I had all kinds of tools to help me manage the stress, but the thing that held me back was the shame and fear of being “found out.” I was so focused on hiding what I was going through and keeping things a secret that I was sabotaging myself… and my growth. This kept me from achieving any real healing, no matter which healthy practices I had in my life.

Then I finally talked to someone. Getting things out in the open allowed me to begin the process of deep healing that I’d been needing. Getting that support was a critical step in finally getting to the roots of my stress.

♥︎ I integrated tools from my own professions of holistic health, movement, and yoga with subconscious mind and self-development modalities.

♥︎ As a result, I revealed my authentic self who is FREE from harmful stress responses, shame, low self-esteem, self-harm, and anxiety.

♥︎ And this is why I created the Holistic Liberation Method — to help others transform how they handle their stressors, stop sabotaging their goals, and repattern the stress in their body-mind.

I help strong, sensitive, and self-aware women repattern chronic stress, make powerful internal shifts, and transmute the peace they feel inside into their external world. Want to experience this kind of transformation?

Here are three ways I can help you:

Holistic Liberation Program (Basic)

This 9-week intensive will help you strengthen your stress tolerance by building sustainable self-care habits — so you can achieve your goals with more clarity and confidence.

Holistic Liberation Program (Advanced)

This 4-month, intimate, high-touch program will help you transform self-sabotaging stress by repatterning your stress responses and building sustainable self-care habits — so you can lead a more easeful, balanced, and authentic life.

Holistic Liberation Program (Premium)

Need 1-on-1 support as you free yourself from stubborn self-sabotage and stress? This 6-month program gives you a deeper level of support as you do the work to replace stress with self-care — and live life completely on your terms.

Ready to get started?

Book a FREE Breakthrough Your Stress Session to find out which path to holistic liberation is right for you. You’ll receive a quick questionnaire that will give me a better idea of your needs. I’ll also send you a free gift to help you get the most out of our call.

“Jill showed a depth of knowledge and an ease that only comes from years of training and personal practice. Her focus, sequencing, and understanding of movement is outstanding… Every class she guided led me to a deeper place within myself. I have had a long personal practice, and am also a qualified teacher. Jill is easily among the most intuitive and gifted of many teachers I have learned from.”

Maureen D

Jyllin is an integrative health coach and creator of the Holistic Liberation Method that repatterns chronic stress in the body, mind, beliefs, emotions, and lifestyle. Learn more about Jyllin.