Learn How to Love Yourself More through Holistic Liberation

Free yourself from the core wound of unworthiness through the Holistic Liberation Method.

I know you want to feel clarity, ease, and balance in your life. 

In order to get there you need a place where you can let your guard down, authentically express yourself, and be supported in establishing holistic healthcare into the fabric of your daily life — so you can flow with life naturally rhythmic, light, and energized. 

The problem is that you face pressure to do all the things, take care of everyone else (plus yourself), and live up to your own high standards. This can leave you feeling dissatisfied and ultimately, disappointed. 

You know you need to be more consistent in taking care of yourself on a regular basis. But that consistency seems to gets lost in the mix of your everyday life as you know it.

The thing is, my friend, that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I believe that practical and sustainable holistic healthcare is the key for you to feel relaxed, present, and in love with who and where you are in life. You just need the right kind of support to get there.

That’s where I come in.


“Jill’s sheer presence is therapeutic and calming… She’s very intuitive, wise beyond her years, and is kind and gentle but has the grit to hold you accountable.”

Autumn Pearson

I know what it’s like to stumble along the journey of self-discovery.

C-PTSD. Anxiety. Panic attacks. These all played a major role in my life. And many of my coping mechanisms were less than helpful. In fact, they made things worse!

I had all kinds of tools to help me thrive in my life, but the thing that held me back was the shame and fear of being “found out.” I was so focused on hiding my struggles that I was sabotaging myself… and my growth. This kept me from experiencing any real healing, no matter which healthy practices I had in my life.

Opening up about my struggles created the space for me to begin the real work of learning how to love myself more.

Through daily holistic practices.

♥︎ I gradually transformed my daily habits — and internal & external world — by combining tools from my own professions of holistic health coaching, meditation, therapeutic yoga, and EFT-tapping.

♥︎ After years of health trials and overall triumph, I finally revealed my authentic self who is FREE from shame, low self-esteem, and anxiety.


♥︎ This is why I integrated these modalities into one, unique Holistic Liberation Method  — to help others transform their relationship with themselves, cultivate sustainable holistic wellness, and experience life in their full potential — all in a fraction of the time it took me.

“The way I feel has changed dramatically. I don’t think transformation is too big of a word. I feel freer and braver — freer in my body and freer in my mind.

If you’re looking for big changes and more peace it will happen. It can’t not happen if you do the program.”

Maureen Dean

I help sensitive and self-aware women heal the core wound of unworthiness, make powerful internal shifts, and transmute the peace they feel inside into their external world.

Want to experience this kind of transformation?

How the Holistic Liberation Method works:

Align Your Mind

EFT-tapping empowers your beliefs, self-talk, and habitual thoughts — removing unconscious resistance that can sabotage the depth of your pleasure, joy, love, and peace — in your internal, and external, world.

Transform Your Lifestyle

Replace outdated, limited habits with sustainable and practical daily holistic healthcare — suited to your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs — with customized habit and holistic health coaching.

Free Your Body-Mind

Live and personalized classes integrate therapeutic Hatha and Yin yoga — unraveling deeply engrained stress stored in your body-mind AND emotions — grounding you into trusted guidance within your body and intuition.

Holistic Liberation supports easeful transformation into full expression of your authentic self… all within months. 

I’ve spent nearly 15 years working closely with highly-attuned people. In this time, I’ve seen that many of them live with the wound of unworthiness that manifests as:

✧ Subconscious beliefs that keep them from the life of their authentic expression

✧ Stress that is stored in their body, mind, emotions, and lifestyle, and

✧ A consistent struggle to create and sustain daily holistic healthcare that acts as a foundation for living their full potential.

I designed my Holistic Liberation Program to address all three of these areas in the most supportive and efficient way possible.

“Holistic Liberation touches on different aspects of life and shows you how they’re all connected, and now my mind is just blown, because however simple and easy the program is, it has these big, profound effects.
I felt instant changes from the yoga and was shocked by how much was released through the EFT. I became clear about hidden stress and past traumas that I was carrying around that I didn’t need to. It cleared out that stuff and opened up a lot of space. Jill is a wonderful person to work with because she’s a great guide, and is so calm and understanding.
Now I feel like there’s so much progress and movement, and I’m back to being myself again.

Asked to Remain Anonymous

The 6-month Holistic Liberation Program gives you the one-on-one support and time necessary to develop new, daily practices that help you feel increasingly relaxed, present, and in love with your whole self AND keep your focus as old patterns naturally fall away.

Old habits can’t be released without bringing new ones in. This program has you covered!


Here’s how the Holistic Liberation Method supports you through this process:
 ☀︎ Habitualizing Holistic Healthcare. You’ll choose practices that take no longer than 15-minutes to build into daily practices. They include guided meditation, breathwork, therapeutic Hatha or Yin yoga, self-massage, daily detox methods, dietary or herbal additions, and methods to improve your sleep — all suited to your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs and desires — so you build your lifelong foundation for thriving health and body-mind balance and freedom.


☀︎ One-on-one calls with me. We’ll work together using EFT-tapping to empower your subconscious beliefs, self-talk, and habitual thoughts that hold you in limiting patterns — so internal resistance to the change you desire dissolves — and instead your subconscious mind supports you to flourish in all aspects of your life.


☀︎ Weekly Mindful Movement & Meditation Classes. Therapeutic Hatha & Yin Yoga that uitilizes five-element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and that addresses the meridian, myofascial, musculoskeletal, and endocrine systems to release and repattern stress stored in your body-mind AND emotional body — so you can transform chronic anxiety, anger, overwhelm, grief, or worry into deep self-worth and peaceful presence.


☀︎ Weekly Habit & Holistic Health Coaching. At the end of each class, I’ll help you choose self-care practices that are most effective specifically for you and how to continue solidifying and stacking your daily holistic healthcare — so you upgrade your lifestyle to support and sustain your Holistic Liberation transformation.

I’ll be by your side every step of the way to see you through any resistance that may arise.

By the end of 6 months:

♥︎ You’ll have released those outdated, undesired patterns and instead practice solid, daily holistic healthcare to feel light, clear, and energized, finding flow in your own optimized rhythms.

♥︎ You’ll have transformed your subconscious beliefs to support your conscious desires — ending self-sabotage and cravings — so you can experience growth, peace, and ease unlike ever before.

♥︎ You’ll have released and repatterned stress in your body, mind, and emotions so you can tap into your body’s wisdom and finally trust that you know how to give your whole Self what you need.

♥︎ You’ll be equipped with a library of practices to last a lifetime and see you through your continued growth and how you care for yourself.

Are you longing to experience a deep shift and want to discover how to get started?

Then join the Holistic Liberation Program waitlist. You’ll learn more about how we can work together AND receive free guided and DIY holistic practices, info & inspiration that you can use in the meantime.

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