The Holistic Liberation Program Is for You

When you’re ready to heal from the addictive cycle of chronic stress.

Do you know the underlying causes for your stress? (Possibly unresolved trauma, shame, guilt, abandonment, unworthiness, fear, anger, or grief?)

Are you aware of the ways that you’ve attempted to medicate this stress? (Possibly alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, pain killers, food, sugar, carbs, or not eating?)

What is it that continues to be a part of your life no matter how many times you’ve tried or dreamed to free yourself from it?

The only way to heal the sources of your stress is to let go of the self-medications.

Can you, right now, feel yourself free from your (stressful) stress-medicines?

Can you see your life without them? What would you do? How would you feel? How would you treat yourself? How would others treat you?

Can you envision yourself free from the weight that you’ve been carrying from this stressful self-sabotage?

What We Need to Let Go

We need support to let go.

We need someone who holds space for us, who doesn’t judge us, who gets it, who empowers us by recognizing the power already inherent within us.

This is the only way.

To continue on in our lives without the sources of self-sabotage, we need practical tools.

We need guidance in learning those tools.

We need support to see us through the process of learning and our initial stages of living without our self-medications.

Holistic Liberation is exactly that, to use holistic tools on the path of liberation, to heal the sources of our self-sabotage by letting go of what is harming us.

Letting go is a process. Letting go happens one step at a time, and to do so, we need support to see us through it.

Holistic Liberation Requirements



Honesty, first and foremost with ourselves, to say:

I’ve had enough!

I’m ready to let go to live the life I know I’m capable of living, and to be who I know I really am.

I’m ready to transform my inner world into one that I trust to support and guide me.

I am ready to show up for myself every single day, to observe my thoughts, to practice being in my body, to listen to my body and my intuition.

I am ready to commit to consistency in daily self-care.

I am ready to envision my dream life, to commit to letting go in the ways that I am able to allow that life to unfold.

I am ready to lighten my load, to learn how to better care for myself, to learn how to love myself.

I can only truly care for and love others by first loving and caring for myself.

In the Holistic Liberation Program

I will be guided in creating a solid personalized plan for when I am ready to make significant changes.

I will follow guidelines for daily practices with a minimum of 15-minutes per day or much more if I choose.

I will receive live and recorded guided meditations, movement and yoga practices for specific therapeutic purposes.

I will have one-on-one and group support calls.

I will be guided in customized EFT tapping sessions that use specific language to aid me in letting go of self-sabotaging thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

I will receive essential nutritional and herbal guidance to assist me.

I will be supported for four months, ensuring before and after leeway of the 90-days required to let go of existing habits.

After 90-days my brain will change.

I will have solid self-care practices in place.

I will have gained new, healthy habits.

I will have moved through the most challenging days of significant lifestyle changes.

I will have accessible tools that deepen my lifelong healing and liberation from self-sabotaging stress.

Can I feel and envision myself freed from the weight that I’ve been carrying from this stress?

Feeling this future means that it already exists—the seed has been planted. It only requires that I take one step at a time for it to unfold.

"You're always one decision away from a totally different life."

On a free breakthrough coaching call, we devise your personal action plan to lead you into feeling this freedom, whether that includes the Holistic Liberation program or not.

This is a free coaching call! Take advantage of it. 💪🏾

Talk to you soon,


Jyllin is a holistic health coach and somatic practitioner, and teacher of therapeutic yoga and creative movement, specializing in liberation from addictive patterns of chronic stress. Learn more about Jyllin

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