Metal Element Yoga


Release grief, apathy, insecurity, loneliness — so you feel inspired and connected with the inherent worth in your essence and true Self. 


In case you missed everything you need to know about the metal element, including more detailed descriptions of Metal Element origins and Metal Element Holistic Liberation's Yin & Yang Yoga, EFT-Tapping, or meditation — and if they're appropriate for you — (re)visit this page


Yoga Element Yoga

♥︎ Addresses the lung and colon meridians in the physical and mental-emotional bodies and focuses on toning the chest, shoulders, abdomen, and lungs.

♥︎ Is designed for advanced beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. 

♥︎ Is a 90-minute practice that guides you through highly intentional Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga that activates and opens the metal, fire and earth channels throughout the body, balanced with longer-held postures for a deeper release through supported Yin postures. 

♥︎ Because the metal element is directly support by the fire and earth elements, the metal yoga practice also centers you into your body to get you out of your head — so you can let go of holding onto the past in your body and mind while intentionally creating space for new in your heart, lungs... and life.


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