Metal Element Holistic Liberation
Release grief, apathy, insecurity, and loneliness to feel inspired and connected with the inherent worth in your essence and true Self. 


In case you missed everything you need to know about the metal element, including more detailed descriptions of the Metal Element origins or the Yin & Yang Yoga, EFT-Tapping, or meditation — and if they're appropriate for you — (re)visit this page


The Metal Element Package Includes:

♥︎ Meditation with Optional Yin Posture: The guided meditation consciously increases lung capacity and activates the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems to improve detoxification and digestion. It ends with affirmations related to refining the metal element. It is optional to do the meditation in a deeply restorative and detoxifying yin yoga posture. This is guided in a brief video separate from the meditation.

♥︎ Yin Yoga Practice: This Yin Yoga practice is for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Utilize this practice as regularly as possible, especially if you're feeling uninspired, disconnected, or desiring a deeper sense of Self and soul. You can show up for this 30-minute practice as preparation for sleep, or for a calm addition anytime to your day. We practice supported, slow opening to get into the connective tissues of the lung and colon channels to create deep restoration for body and mind.

♥︎ Yang Yoga Practice: This is a concise 15-minute practice designed for daily use that guides you into savasana, so set aside 20 minutes for this active yoga. Metal Yang Yoga tones the chest, shoulders, abdomen, and lungs. It's for those who are a bit familiar to the Hatha-Vinyasa yoga practice. If you’re new to yoga, however, feel free to use and improve with practice!

♥︎ EFT-Tapping Instruction: If you’re new to the EFT-tapping practice or unfamiliar with the EFT-tapping points, watch this short video to learn the tapping points, their individual benefits, and how you can utilize them at anytime you’re in need.

♥︎ EFT-Tapping Session: The EFT practice provided here is created to help release grief, insecurity and loneliness by deepening trust in yourself, your body, and all that arises through the process of letting go — so you can relax into acceptance while creating space for new possibilities.

♥︎ Herbal & Nutritional Guide: This guide provides foundational dietary and herbal considerations for metal element imbalances based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, and holistic nutrition. It supports anyone through autumn months or periods of loss, grief, or focused development in letting go of the past to create more space for new in bodymind... and life.


How to Experience Metal-Element HL Transformation:

1. Choose your favorite metal practice and commit to practicing it every-single-day. You can opt for another metal practice one day or use multiple practices on others when you feel it. Be mindful if mixing it up costs you on consistency. The point is every-single-day practice!

2. Use dietary guidelines to wean off from consumption patterns that specifically imbalance the metal element. Meanwhile, enjoy foods and herbs that support it.


How to Experience 5-Element HL Transformation:

As you practice Metal Element Holistic Liberation, you'll discover that there are other elemental imbalances that require your love and attention. The deeper you journey 5-element lifestyle medicine, the more you'll want to practice all five elements.

Because we move through the five phases each day and each year — and desire strength and balance throughout our entire bodymind and life — incorporating all five elements into your holistic healthcare is more than highly recommended. You also receive exclusive bonus practices available only through 5-Element Holistic Liberation

Equipped with all of these practices and the info I provide, you're well on your way! If you're incredible at showing up for yourself every-single-day with new practices and releasing old habits that no longer serve you WHILE optimizing five-element medicine to suit your individual needs, enjoy your DIY journey!


How to Receive HL Guidance & Support:

If you're like most modern women living in the modern world and do better with guidance and support — and accountability in showing up every day and every week, month after month — schedule a clarity call to ensure transformation your holistic liberation journey! 


How to Purchase Metal-Element HL:
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