👇🏽 Click below for a guided foundational practice designed for daily use to address chronic stress or anxiety, fatigue, and/or exhaustion for anyone at any “level.” A full-length practice is also available as part of the Holistic Liberation Program.

All yoga isn’t created equal. The same asana (yoga posture) has different effects depending on attention and intention. We may take a yoga class to reduce our stress to find that it revs us up and makes it harder to sleep. We may even discover that some yoga practices create stress.

What benefits one has the potential to harm another because we all have different bodies, different lifestyles, different histories, and different needs from the yoga practice itself, consciously or not.

This is why it’s vital that we learn to listen to our bodies and is the ultimate intention in a yoga practice: to discover deeper awareness, acceptance, and presence.

This shorter session is specifically designed to act as a regular, (daily if possible) foundational practice to address the most fundamental, physiological consequences for anyone struggling with chronic stress or fear and anxiety, fatigue, and/or exhaustion: overworked adrenals, kidneys, central nervous system, and psoas.

Therefore, this movement practice focuses on:

👉🏼 Strengthening and toning the kidneys as well as the central nervous system (CNS).

👉🏼 Nourishing and opening the bladder meridian that runs along the entire backline of the body, which is physiologically interconnected with the CNS.

👉🏼 Engaging and lengthening through the kidney meridian that runs up near the centerline of the legs and through the front of the torso to just beneath the collarbones.

👉🏼 Releasing tension that is commonly held in the psoas from chronic stress and trauma.

You can always use any of this practice in bite-sized pieces, bringing one or more of the postures/movements into your day, as it feels appropriate. Remember, a little bit is better than nothing, and we want to start small when we’re building new habits to replace stressful patterns that we’ve outgrown, or if we’re living with chronic fatigue or exhaustion. This practice is specifically made for both cases.

Keep in mind that a holistic approach to chronic stress and anxiety is most beneficial because we can practice all of the movement we want, but if we’re still thinking, feeling, believing, or consuming stuff that induces stress and inflammation, the movement practice only helps to relieve the ongoing damage rather than providing any longer-lasting repair.

We know what induces stress and anxiety, right? Too much doing, thinking, rushing, as well as excessive caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, processed foods, sugar(s), large amounts of carbs, toxic products on and in our bodies and in our homes, and toxic relationships.

The middle path is the way! Can we rest into our center to discover balance within our lifestyle?

May this yoga practice serve you no matter where you are on this journey, helping you to feel more grounded energy, more ease to sleep, or more courage and flow in general. This is its intention!

A full-length yoga asana practice for stress and anxiety is available as part of the Holistic Liberation Program, along with other essential movement practices, live yoga classes and support calls, and supplemental holistic practices for a fully supportive, well-rounded approach to changing stressful habits and lifestyle patterns to remedy the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual causes and symptoms of chronic stress.

👆🏽 A clip from the full-length yoga practice for stress and anxiety that’s part of the Holistic Liberation Program.

Let us know here if you have concerns or questions below, and as always, stay in touch in the Holistic Liberation Facebook group.

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