Why bother with “holistic” and “minimalist”?

Want to feel (and look) young, healthy, vibrant, all of that, but you don’t have the money or time or you frequently travel? Have you been given cortisone, antibiotics, antihistamines, suffer from skin, teeth, tongue, throat, allergy, sinus, gut, liver or hormonal symptoms? Do you care about your own health, the world’s health?

Or are you simply tired of too much: too many pollutants in the air, in our food, in our soil, in our homes? Can you feel the chronic stress that is inevitable with all of these toxins being produced and released into our world?

Using basic, quality ingredients to make your own nutritious food, health & beauty products, and household supplies invests in fundamental individual and global health and costs less than buying store-bought goods. The “DIY Holistic-Minimalist” doesn’t require much more time, only more intention, learning, and awareness.

You can still choose when and what to make yourself versus buy in the store. Of course, this depends on what is available in your area, too—purchase sustainable, local products as much as possible and travel with ingredients for convenient use or that may be difficult to find in your upcoming destination(s).

The bare-bone ingredient list shared here aids those who can’t or won’t take any more stress or toxins! While also being perfect for the penny-pinchers, conscientious time-crunchers, nomads, frequent travelers, those without private bathrooms or homes, or those who enjoy exploring the possibilities in basic ingredients, like an artist in essential, daily creation.

Utilizing simple products is healthier and saves money in this way, too—processed foods, oils, salts, topical and cleaning products cost more for what they are—chemicals, toxins, and pollutants packaged in plastic. Do you want this in the world, your home, let alone in your nerves, brain, organs, and hormonal system, all consumed through the mouth, skin and air we breathe?

Reducing use of plastic garbage is simple, cost-efficient, and creative—repurpose glass jars and bottles from the food and products you already buy, and reuse small ones to pack essential ingredients or bathroom recipes as carry-ons when traveling.

DIY Holistic-Minimalist is healthier, cheaper, lighter, and is mindful of…

Toxic food. Toxic cleaning supplies. Toxic beauty ingredients. Plastic health impacts. Plastic pollution. Agricultural labor and human right violations. Consumer environmental impacts.

Sodium lauryl sulfate and flouride are even in “natural” toothpastes and skin products that are mostly overpriced anyway!

In the most basic holistic and minimalist sense, read the ingredients or make your own—if you don’t eat it, don’t use it! 

DIY Holistic-Minimalist Bathroom Basics
DIY Holistic-Minimalist Tooth and Mouth Care
DIY Holistic-Minimalist Skin Care
DIY Holistic-Minimalist Hair Care
Jyllin’s DIY Holistic Morning Routine

Jyllin is an integrative health coach and creator of the Holistic Liberation Method that repatterns chronic stress in the body, mind, beliefs, emotions, and lifestyle. Learn more about Jyllin and The Holistic Liberation Programs