De-Stress Your Self

See all of the ways that chronic stress shows up in your body, mind, emotions, AND lifestyle — and get the clarity and tools you need to uproot and release it!

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Knowing you need to make a change is a great first step, but a lot of people struggle to see this type of critical transformation through.

That’s why I created “De-Stress Your Self” — a quick and easy checklist that shows you the causes AND symptoms of your stress that run as the infamous stress loop — so you can see how vast the impacts of your chronic stress run!

You’re then provided with free tools that repattern ALL of the boxes you check — because I cut straight to the cause of a wide array of physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle ailments by addressing their root: chronic stress.

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♥︎ Jyllin

“Working with Jill has been essential to reduce and change how I carry and experience stress. I’m less overwhelmed, anxious, and irritable as it’s easier to feel grounded and calmer through busier times. It’s helped me feel content and creative as I discover a deeper sense of relaxation in my body and mind. In general, I easily enjoy my life more through our work together.”


Marika Kats