Image text: "Why and how to dry brush: dead skin exfoliating, lymphatic system stimulating, cellulite reducing, pores unclogging, stress relief; five minutes each day enough for good results." Image of brush with long handle and arrows moving up legs and arms, down neck and chest, and circling abdomen and breasts.

1. Dry Skin Brush

Before bathing, use preferably a natural bristled brush or for the minimalist/traveler an exfoliator cloth to brush your skin in soft, swift motions, moving up the legs and arms toward the heart, circling the abdomen in clockwise circles (to run in the direction of the large intestine), and from the face down the neck toward the heart. Cover as most of your skin surface as possible to encourage exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and anti-inflammation. 


2. Wash Face & Body

You can purchase decent oil and salt soaps inexpensively depending on where you are (read the ingredients!) or you can make your own soap. Otherwise, wash with 1 tbsp. of baking soda or salt or both, either diluted directly in a cup of water as you use it or have it diluted, stored, with essential oils if preferred. The graininess of salt and baking soda also feels good to apply directly to the skin while showering, and you can wash with your brush or exfoliator cloth to give an extra scrub after washing.

Diluted apple cider vinegar can be used for multiple skin conditions, such as acne, sun spots and sunburn, wrinkles, itchy skin, dry or oil skin, and as a skin toner, for starters. It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal. Test it first to ensure that your skin will accept it. Add essential oil if preferred to a teaspoon of ACV with a cup of water to use on the spot or store 1 tbsp. of ACV with 2 cups of water in a bottle and apply preferably with cotton. 

Note: With highly sensitive skin, it can be best to leave it alone and solely wash with water and use basic ingredients sparingly.


Image text: "Cold water versus hot water. Cold water: stimulates immune system, increases alertness, prevents colds, stimulates anti-depression hormones, accelerates your metabolism. Hot water: relaxes the muscles, lowers body tension, alleviates migraine, reduces swelling, reduces anxiety."

3. Alternate Hot & Cold Water

Hot & Cold Hydrotherapy stimulates blood and lymph circulation and consequently detoxification. You can build in alternation counts, the amount of time you spend under hot and cold, and extremes in temperature. Practice cold water exposure in a way that you enjoy—really, it gets easier and feels incredible once you get used to it! Of course, take it easy on yourself, especially if you’ve been sick! It’s soothing and invigorating to feel the comfort of cold water after hot, and vice versa.


4. DIY Deodorant

Add a dash of baking soda to minimize body odor in your quality oil, or dilute a few drops of apple cider vinegar, add a drop of essential oil if preferred, and use as a DIY minimalist deodorant. If you have access to magnesium oil, using it as a spray, with essential oils if preferred, is an easy way to effectively increase your magnesium intake and curb body odor. Play around with your options to find what works and feels best for you. If your body odor is particularly pungent, your smell may indicate health imbalances. Covering up a strong smell with the chemicals in commercial deodorants definitely won’t help those heath issues!


5. Massage Oil onto Face, Hands & Body

Cover up in your quality oil, have it stored with essential oil if preferred, using any massage techniques, even if a quick ear massage, a mini-facial, or some foot reflexology.

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