In this practice, we’ll focus on movements specific to lymphatic circulation that enhance detoxification and the immune system while combining the wood and earth elements of five-element theory to address the liver, gall bladder, stomach, and spleen meridians, to:

👉🏼 ground and center ourselves in acceptance for this moment as it is (earth in balance)

👉🏼 by releasing and expanding through movement (wood in balance)

👉🏼 excessive anger and irritability (wood imbalance)

👉🏼 in a need for our moments to be other than they are (earth imbalance)

Anger arises when we need things to be different than they are. It has the potential to inspire action; it’s creative. Anger stagnates into resentment when we can’t or don’t take the action it asks of us, or it can become chronic when the change we desire requires more time than we’d prefer. We can feel impatient, frustrated, or irritated. We need things to change or be different, right now!

Banksy image: "Keep your coins. I want change." Sign held by a "beggar" man with a cup indicating begging.

When we need the moment to be anything other than it is, we’re separated from the moment. When this becomes chronic, we may feel an emptiness within ourselves or our world.

If this need stems from anger and its drive to create something new for ourselves or the world, and we’re unsatisfied through that creative process, we can feel an emptiness that we may find other ways to fill—obsessive thinking and/or compulsive behavior, whether its in consumption, relationships or even in how to change our world and our actions in attempt to make that happen.

This practice is for when we’re angered by the need for something—ourselves, others, or the world at large—to be other than it is.

This practice addresses this intersection between anger and emptiness in the emotional and mental bodies while covering all bases for detoxification that is even more essential if we’re off balance in this way, because if so, we may very well end up turning to food, alcohol, drugs, or needy (and thus toxic) relationships to soothe the anger, or emptiness, with the way things currently are.

This doesn’t mean that we simply have to accept everything as it is, or that change isn’t possible! It means that we give ourselves the right to rest, to be in this moment as it is, and to allow ourselves to act with expansive anger (or not act on it if we feel contracted with it).

By being completely present in each moment, we can put our anger to rest when we aren’t acting on it. We can give that to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to this world.

"Anger is a great force. If you control it, it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world." William Shenstone

Anger is interconnected with stress because it can induce a stress response, and both stress and anger are addictive. If you’re struggling with chronic stress, learn more about how you can help yourself now with it here. You can also use specific Hatha-Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga practices that help with the symptoms of the chronic stress itself.

If you’re angry or irritable and yet heavily fatigued or exhausted, the stress-specific Hatha-Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga practices may be more beneficial than the practice herein. Be mindful that you don’t wear yourself out—consistency in practice is more potent medicine than sporadic doses that stress or deplete you more!

If anger has become a default for you, find more tools here to help you relieve anger through food, herbs, and also introspective questions to guide you to discover more about your behavioral patterns and how they may contribute to your anger, giving you the power of self-awareness, to change your behavior so it relieves anger and helps you express yourself as you really are.

Also find other, simple DIY detox methods to get you detoxing on the daily, and remember, a little bit is always better than nothing! If it’s one serving of fresh, whole foods, or fifteen or even five minutes of movement or meditation, or cutting out one processed food that you know is harming you, whatever it is, you got this because changing stressful patterns, with self-love, self-awareness and acceptance, and with commitment and perservernece, is always, always here for us, in this moment.

To create a world within our vision, to be in service to others and this world, we need to care for ourselves first.

"If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others." Dalai Lama

Support is sometimes exactly what we’re missing to make changes that we feel are necessary, hence the Holistic Liberation Program, with recorded guided yoga and meditation sessions that you keep, live yoga and support calls, and supplemental holistic practices that together, provide a well-rounded, fully supportive program that confronts the emotional, mental, and physical causes and symptoms of chronic stress.

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No matter what, can you give yourself some love and care today?

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