Massaging the ears doesn’t take long and releases endorphins that promote natural pain relief and a sense of well-being. It can ease stress and anxiety, headaches, tinnitus, neck and shoulder tension, and soften a tight jaw from clenching the teeth.

Ear reflexology is used in addiction treatment to help reduce cravings and aid in detoxification. The entire body can be accessed through the ears because they are connected to reflex centers in the brain that send signals through the spinal cord, which supplies nerves to the rest of the body.

image of ear acupuncture points. a human skeleton is within the ear, denoting the general association of pressure points: head in the ear lobe, spine through inner spine of ear, shoulder, arm, hand running up along outer ear lobe, feet at inner top ear lobe.

You can simply pull down on the lobes of your ears a few times, and continue moving up the ears, pulling the lobes of the ears out from the head. To take it further, you can play around with squeezing and massaging the front and back of the lobes themselves between your thumbs and fingers.

Do this deeply and slowly to access the connective tissues and relish in how good it feels!

fingers pulling down on bottom ear lobe, pulling mid outer ear lobe out, and pulling upper ear lobe upward.
  • You can also stretch the ear forward and massage the inside of the ear with the thumb and back of the ear with the fingers.
  • Split the fingers to massage in front of and behind the ear simultaneously and pull the fingers down to circle the fingertips at the base of the earlobe and around the jaw.
  • Circle the tips of your fingers around the surrounding area of your ears, taking your time when you hit a sweet spot.

Experiment with the possibilities. Whatever feels right at the moment, and whatever time allows you are your guide!

fingers folding ear forward and massaging back of ear, index finger in front of ear with other fingers behind the ear; fingers massaging below bottom ear lobe; fingers massaging in front of the ear.

Give time to the jaw, cheekbone, and temple areas if you hold more tension here. You can finish by running the fingers down both sides of the neck to the collar bone a few times to encourage lymphatic drainage out of this area.

As always with massage, this is a great opportunity to be present in your body and simply feel your fingers and thumbs, where you are massaging, and any other sensations that may arise anywhere else in the body. Allow your breath to soften and all the muscles through your entire body to respond with deepened relaxation.

As with any self-care practice, use this as an opportunity to give yourself what feels best, taking the time that you have. Even 30 seconds or one minute can allow a sense of ease, pleasure, and peace. Self ear massage can easily be developed into a morning routine, when applying oil as a basic skincare protocol. It’s also an efficient method to ease into meditation, so if that’s your thing, give it a try!

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