Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da vinci

When we’re chronically stressed, there’s too much. Too much pressure, too much to do, too many emotions, too many thoughts, and all of this arises from too many toxins within us and in our environment, all while producing even more toxins from the chronic stress itself!

We need relief! We need to remove the layers of pressure… and toxins!

Just look, or worse yet, try to read the ingredient list on commerical shampoos, conditioners, skin care products, or toothpastes. Do we even know what those ingredients are or their health impacts? In short, they’re toxic. Toxic to our individual health. Toxic to the planet.

Why do we (humans) produce all of this garbage when these products can be so simple? (Capitalism.) Why do we buy stuff that harms us, and that we don’t actually need, in even more plastic bottles?

Because we’re used to it. Because we always have. Because we’re told that we need these products.

Not true. It can all be so simple. Four ingredients and a toothbrush are essentially all we need. Discover more as to why it’s so critical that we step up our game to better care for ourselves while better caring for our planet, in why for the ways of the DIY holistic-minimalist.

Apply the details about this ingredient list to the DIY Holistic-Minimalist tooth and mouth careskin care, and hair care that are also part of the DIY holistic morning routine.

Baking soda

👉🏼 A natural salt contains more minerals and less toxic additives than a processed salt (and it tastes better!).

👉🏼 Himalayan salt and/or decent sea salts are available mostly anywhere and shouldn’t cost much more than processed salt.

👉🏼 Raw and unrefined oils, such as coconut, sesame, olive, avocado, nuts & seeds, are more nutrient-potent than processed oils (and yes, they are absorbed through your mouth and skin) and simply, they taste, smell and feel better. Use oils you enjoy!

👉🏼 Apple cider vinegar is acidic like all vinegars, but ACV is the only alkalizing vinegar. All other vinegars increase acidity. 

👉🏼 Repurpose glass jars and bottles from products you already buy.

👉🏼 Reuse small bottles to pack essential ingredients as carry-ons when traveling.

The Why for the Ways of the DIY Holistic-Minimalist
DIY Holistic-Minimalist Tooth and Mouth Care
DIY Holistic-Minimalist Skin Care
DIY Holistic-Minimalist Hair Care
Jyllin’s DIY Holistic Morning Routine

Jyllin is an integrative health coach and creator of the Holistic Liberation Method that repatterns chronic stress in the body, mind, beliefs, emotions, and lifestyle. Learn more about Jyllin and The Holistic Liberation Programs