THE BENEFITS OF MASSAGE THERAPY: Improves sleep quality. Enhances circulation. Stimulates movement of lymphatic fluid. Improves joint mobility. Relieves stress. Improves mental alertness. Boosts immune function. Reduces tension in the muscles. Speeds healing of soft tissue injuries. Eases muscle pain.

I recently finished a deep-tissue massage certification course, which has inspired me to inform (or remind) you that I am here in Essaouira, offering massage as one of my services.

I started my studies with somatics, which combines an experiential anatomical and physiological approach with therapeutic movement and touch, weekly from 2005-2008 with Deborah Jinza-Thayer in Minneapolis, USA.

In 2014-2015 in Rishikesh, India, I studied and gave full-body massage that included multiple massage techniques, which I typically summarize as mostly Ayurvedic and Swedish (and Indian head massage!).

I then studied foot reflexology in Bali, Indonesia in 2015 and worked that into my full-body massage. I have also learned lymphatic, acupressure, and Thai techniques. After using some deep tissue techniques for a while now (from that super-blend I learned in India), I studied it formally to bring more goodness into the mix!

What does this all mean?

I offer deep, muscular work, or I can focus on detoxification, simple relaxation, and through the feet and various pressure points, access organs.

I prefer to feel what’s needed per person and am honored to take people deeper into awareness, and unwinding tension, through their bodies and minds. Read testimonials here to see what others have experienced with me.

👉🏾 45-minute Foot Reflexology (finished with Shoulders/Neck/Head) OR Back/Neck/Shoulders (Swedish & Deep Tissue with oil)

👉🏾 90-minute full-body massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology with oil)

👉🏾 90 Minute Yoga & Massage (Combination of any Yoga & Massage type)

👉🏾 120 Minute Yoga Therapeutics & Massage

Yoga Therapeutics: After a health assessment, I integrate five-element theory with meditation, breath work, yoga postures, and experiential movement to access certain organs, meridians, and/or fascia lines to help ease physiological and mental-emotional imbalances. Appropriate foods, herbs, and supplemental practices can be suggested based on imbalance(s).


I am a two-minute taxi ride or 15-minute walk from the medina. Receive location details when you make an appointment.

If you have appropriate space for yoga and/or massage (where I can access your body from all four sides at least hip high with exception to foot reflexology treatment) add 50dh service fee. Available only within Essaouira limits.

Whatsapp +212.643.531.583 or email for details and to make an appointment.

Hope to see you soon! 🙏🏽

“Last night the lovely gentle Jill came to my riad and gave me the most beautiful and skilled massage of my life. She was so present, so connected and at the same time professional and boundaried. I highly recommend her services.”

Jackie C.

Jyllin is a holistic health coach and somatic practitioner, and teacher of therapeutic yoga and creative movement, specializing in liberation from addictive patterns of chronic stress. Learn more about Jyllin and The Holistic Liberation Program

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