The Holistic Liberation Program (Basic)

“Jill’s depth of knowledge about how to reduce stress for my mind, body and soul gives her the keen ability to provide a top notch professional wellness experience. Her sheer presence is therapeutic and calming… Jill is very intuitive and wise beyond her years. She is kind and gentle but has the grit to hold you accountable.”

Autumn P.

I’ve spent nearly 15 years working closely with highly-attuned people. In this time, I’ve seen that many of them deal with chronic stress that manifests as:

✧ Unconscious beliefs that keep them stuck in stressful patterns

✧ Stress that is stored in their body, mind, emotions, and lifestyle, and

✧ A consistent struggle to create and sustain self-care that broadens their window of stress tolerance.

I designed my Holistic Liberation Programs to address all three of these areas in the most supportive and efficient way possible.

Holistic Liberation Program (Basic)

Did you know it takes 21-66 days to develop a new habit?

The 9-week Holistic Liberation Program gives you the time to solidify 1-3 new daily practices (each one taking no more than 15 minutes of your time) to broaden your stress tolerance.

Here’s how the Holistic Liberation Method supports you through this process:
☀︎ You’ll choose practices that take no longer than 15-minutes to build into daily habits. They include meditation, breathwork, therapeutic Hatha or Yin yoga, self-massage, simple daily detox methods, and methods to improve your sleep — all suited to your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs.


☀︎ Monthly 1-on-1 calls with me. We’ll work together to uncover the unconscious beliefs that hold you in outdated patterns and transform them into beliefs that support the habits you need to thrive in all aspects of your life.


☀︎ 2 Weekly Mindful Movement Classes. They will integrate therapeutic yoga, meditation, conscious breathing and embodiment. I’ll guide you through customized practices so you learn to unravel the stress stored in the body-mind.


☀︎ Live Check-Ins. At the end of each class, you’ll have the chance to share your wins and struggles for the week.


☀︎ Daily Accountability. Each day you have the option to give a hell yes when you complete your daily holistic practice (or no if you miss a day) in the HLP private FB group. Be supported with accountability to ensure consistency in building your new de-stressing habits.

I’ll be by your side every step of the way to see you through any resistance that may arise.

By the end of 9 weeks:

♥︎ You’ll have new solid, de-stressing self-care habits.

♥︎ You’ll have shifted core beliefs to support your conscious desires.

♥︎ You’ll be equipped with a library of practices to see you into your continued growth and how you care for yourself.

Ready to get started?

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You can also learn more about the 4-month Advanced HL Program and 6-month Premium HL Program.

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