About Jyllin & The Holistic Liberation Method

You’re sensitive. You’re self-aware.

And you can sense that what you need is a deep internal shift — so you can experience ease throughout a holistic transformative process. 

You want to be your authentic self. That version of you who’s relaxed and present so you can show up fully for life.

You want to be that version of you who simply does what truly feels good rather than falling into old habits you outgrew long ago.

Then you can express yourself authentically, with courage and compassion, in all aspects of your life.

And you’re already on your way there.

You’re self-aware and have tools and know-how in your kit — and you’re experienced at adding to your skill sets.

But too often you’re spread thin and feel weighed down by everyone’s expectations. Especially your own. Plus, you’re so busy taking care of everyone and everything that you don’t always tap into your full capacity of showing up for yourself.

The truth is that weaving a lifestyle of holistic healthcare is a skill that has to be learned. And it’s most effective (and enjoyable) when you have a nurturing support system that empowers you to do so in a way that’s sustainable.

But that’s easier said than done.

Hey, I’m Jyllin!

I see you. I’ve often stumbled throughout this journey of self-discovery.

C-PTSD. Anxiety. Panic attacks. These all played a major role in my life that had me unconsciously seeking safety and self-worth through achievement — leaving me to the whims of a sabotaging subconscious mind and ego-dependent identity that was lifted by compliments or destroyed by criticism.

The problem was that I was plagued by the core wound of unworthiness — and the shame of my struggles kept me from authentic expression — no matter the healthy practices I had in my life.

As my health declined through tendencies of too much thinking, achieving, rebelling, and burning out, I knew that I had to open up about my struggles. Once I did, I could finally let go of negative coping mechanisms and begin the real work of learning how to truly love myself.

♥︎ I integrated tools from my fields of holistic health, movement, and yoga and applied them to my daily habits.

♥︎ I focused on realigning my subconscious mind and beliefs and added this to my professional skillset.

♥︎ I grounded in disciplined self-practices that rewired my brain and now enjoy softening into creative expression of daily holistic healthcare.

After years of integrating holistic and self-development modalities, I increasingly uncover my authentic self — a woman who’s free from shame, low self-esteem, and anxiety.

Now I help other women experience easeful and balanced freedom through sustainable holistic healthcare that’s rooted in deep love and respect for themselves.

Are you ready to empower your habitual beliefs and behaviors in a way that feels practical, sustainable, and fully supported?


Discover how through the Holistic Liberation Program.

Learn more about my qualifications and certifications here.

I’ve always been hard on myself and have had unrealistic expectations of myself, which helped me achieve but at a really high price. I don’t know why I constantly pushed myself, but I’m from a culture where you push yourself.

Now a lot of things are different in a lot of small ways. I notice that I make the choice that is kinder to me. I notice that I pay more attention to what I eat because I feel so much better.

I’m a lot less critical of myself and other people and less harsh about how I see things that have happened. I am more forgiving. Transformation isn’t too big of a word.


Maureen Dean

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