I discovered meditation in 2000, young and intrigued with consciousness and the unconscious mind. Tormented by my own, meditation offered me awareness of my thought patterns. It allowed me peace from the madness that could be my body-mind. I’ve studied yoga from then on, mostly in aim to stabilize my tendencies of pushing too hard and too fast, too much perfectionism, too much thinking, analyzing, stressing, achieving, rebelling, burning out.

I grew up a dairy-farming gymnast, strong yet plagued by anxiety and overwhelming powerlessness as a child witness to systematic abuse to my non-human friends. I suffered as well, ashamed and resentful to live in a human body. I struggled with eating disorders and found refuge in veganism and becoming a student of food, nutrition, and the broad world of holistic health.

As I gained tools in the journey of self-discovery and self-care, meditation cultivated visions of dance, leading me to the contemporary and post-modern dance worlds where I learned and lived embodiment and awareness in mindful (and consciously abandoned) movement. Dancing and exploring movement fueled my appetite for life, for real food with strong and sensitive taste buds aligned with my body’s needs through joy, the creative process, and community.

Four dancers in white jumpsuits, in motion, on a city street.

In 2008 I started teaching dance and since, teaching, guiding, facilitating has been my profession, in various forms of dance, improvisation, writing, yoga, and meditation. Somatics and experiential anatomy were persistent studies through my dance years that involved detailed hands-on work, which inspired my trainings in 2015-2016 of the massage techniques and yoga therapeutics I offer, grounding purpose in sharing one-on-one, combining yoga, meditation, breath, movement, bodywork, and the larger spectrum of holistic health, particularly with food and nutrition, herbs, Ayruvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Discipline in body-mind practices has empowered more moments of freedom from my own baggage, through dissolving layers of blockage, tension, and culturally constructed limitations, and this is from what and why I share: because the journey of health and balance is our right, our liberation, already here, available to us.


“Last night the lovely gentle Jill came to my riad and gave me the most beautiful and skilled massage of my life. She was so present, so connected and at the same time professional and boundaried. I highly recommend her services.” Jackie Coventry

“I have had the remarkable good fortune to find Jill, both as gifted yoga teacher and also as outstanding massage therapist, in small town Morocco. I began to take her classes at the local studio and was immediately aware of her calm command of the science of yoga. She showed a depth of knowledge and an ease that only comes from years of training and personal practice. Her focus, sequencing, and understanding of movement is outstanding. She is always prepared and professional. Each class she guided led me to a deeper place within myself. I have had a long personal practice, and am also a qualified teacher. Jill is easily among the most intuitive and gifted of many teachers I have learned from. For me, it was practice at a deep level, with guidance from Jill that revealed her extensive understanding of yoga.” Maureen Dean

“Jill has the ability to make everyone feel nourished and challenged in the way she approaches yoga. A beginner and an advanced person will feel at home doing yoga with Jill.” Berglind Björgúlfsdóttir

“[Jill] is very intuitive, wise beyond her years and gives a killer massage!! She is kind and gentle but has the grit to hold you accountable.” Autumn Pearson

“I have had two wonderful treatments with Jill. She was very welcoming and professional and the treatment was healing and Very intuitive, I highly recommend her to anyone looking for massage. 💕” – Naomi Phoebe Richards

“Congratulations Jill. I’ve always admired and appreciated your yoga. You always make me feel you have a lot of positive energy sources and that inspires me as well as other students every time come to your class. Always follow you and wish you success. Hope that one day I will meet you again. From Hà nội friend with ❤️” – Hoa Chi

“Dear Jyllin We loved your yoga classes and massage…. All of us! A big hug to Essaouira!” – Margret Jonsdottir Njarovik

“Jill’s massages are amazing. Cured a chronic headache I’d had for weeks.” Eileen Mckendrick-Flynn

“I had a group over New years of women from Iceland and Jill made yoga with them every day. They all were very happy with the yoga classes and they all ended up having a massage and spoke very highly of it. Many said it was the best massage they had in their life. So I went for it as well, which is a very rare. I highly recommend Jill!!!” Birta Árdal Nóra Bergsteinsdóttir

“I had the chance to attend Jill’s yoga workshop and take some photos. She has a huge top terrace with beautiful view over the city with plenty of room to do yoga. Her teaching is so warm, professional and peaceful, I highly recommend.” Harriet Eriksson

“It’s the best back massage I ever had.” Jóhanna G. Hafliðadóttir


Education and Certification

 Yoga (“senior teacher” = 25+ years teaching experience)

  • Yoga Therapeutics Advanced Teacher Training based on Five Element Theory and TCM meridian system with Tina Nance, Scholarship Recipient, Bali, Indonesia 2016
  • Breath Workshop with senior teacher Simon Borg-Olivier, Bali, Indonesia 2015
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with senior teacher Dominique Renucci, Rishikesh, India 2015
  • Anusara Master Course with senior teacher Jonas Westring, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2014
  • Vinyasa Teacher Training with senior teacher Dominique Renucci, Shanghai, China 2014
  • Vinyasa with Pelvic Floor Focus Workshops with senior teacher Hart Lazer, Hanoi, Vietnam 2013
  • Vinyasa Teacher Training with senior teacher Dominique Renucci, Hanoi, Vietnam 2012


  • Deep Tissue Massage Certification with Mark Perren-Jones 2020
  • Foot Reflexology Certification, Bali Bisa, Bali, Indonesia 2015
  • Blend Touch Massage Certification (Ayurvedic/Swedish), Tattva Ayurveda & Panchkarma Center, Rishikesh, India 2015

Dance & Movement

  • Arrabida Dance Gathering (Dance, Contact Improvisation & Inner Ecology), Palmela, Portugal 2019
  • Asturias Contact (Improvisation) Festival, Asturias, Spain 2017
  • Capoeira with Zungu & Senzala Capoeira, Bali, Indonesia 2015-2016
  • Contact (Improvisation) Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2014
  • Ghanian dances as dancer, drummer and vocalist, California Institute for the Arts 2011-2012
  • Somatics & Experiential Anatomy, Alexander and Release Technique, Dance Composition, Ballet, and Break Dance, Zenon Dance School, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2005-2008
  • African-based Movement, Guinean, Ghanian, and Ivorian dances as dancer, drummer and vocalist, University of Minnesota & Various Teachers, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2001-2002

Holistic Health

  • Breathwork Summit: Experience the Power of Breath to Transform Body, Mind & Spirit 2020
  • EFT / TFT Tapping Master Practitioner Certification with Graham Nicholls 2019-2020
  • Tracing Trauma Conference: On the Science and Somatics of Healing Trauma 2019
  • Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Certification, Global Institute for Holistic Health 2003-2004

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

  • MFA Writing & Critical Studies, California Institute for the Arts 2010-2012
  • BFA Dance Equivalent, Zenon Dance School, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2005-2008
  • BA Political Science, University Of Minnesota 1996-2001

Jyllin is a holistic health coach and somatic practitioner, and teacher of therapeutic yoga and creative movement, specializing in liberation from addictive patterns of chronic stress. Learn more about Jyllin’s Holistic Liberation Program