Ease Anger: Moving the Wood Element
Release toxicity, anger, irritability, impatience, and frustration in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies — so you can move with adaptable flexibility on the path of passionate plans and decisive actions aligned with your soul's purpose. 


The Wood Element Package Includes:

♥︎ Meditation with Optional Yin Posture: The guided meditation activates the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems and tones the vagus nerve to detoxify and clarify the body and mind and improve digestion. It ends with affirmations related to supporting the wood element. It is optional to do the meditation in a deeply restorative and detoxifying yin yoga posture. This is guided in a brief video separate from the meditation.

♥︎ Yang Yoga Practice: This is a concise 15-minute practice designed for daily use that guides you into savasana, so set aside 20 minutes for this active yoga. It is designed to open and strengthen and for those who are a bit familiar to the Hatha-Vinyasa yoga practice. If you’re new to yoga, however, feel free to use and improve with practice!

♥︎ Yin Yoga Practice: This Yin Yoga practice is for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Utilize this practice as regularly as possible, especially if you are feeling stagnant, tired, or uninspired! You can show up for this 30-minute practice as preparation for sleep, or for a calm addition anytime to your day. We practice some self-massage and slow opening to get into the connective tissues and create deep restoration for body and mind.

♥︎ EFT-Tapping Instruction: If you’re new to the EFT-tapping practice or unfamiliar with the EFT-tapping points, watch this short video to learn the tapping points, their individual benefits, and how you can utilize them at anytime you’re in need.

♥︎ EFT-Tapping Session: The EFT practice provided here is made to release anger and resentment by equipping you with heightened communication skills that are build on trust and confidence in your intrinsic compassion — so you speak more honestly with kindness and respect, even in disagreement. 

♥︎ Herbal & Nutritional Guide: This guide provides foundational considerations to ensure dietary and herbal support for addressing wood element imbalances and for anyone through spring months and periods of focused detoxification.


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In case you missed answers to many questions regarding the wood element practices, such as receiving more detailed descriptions of the Wood Element origins or the Yin & Yang Yoga, EFT-Tapping, or meditation — and if they're appropriate for you — revisit this page and scroll down half way. 

If you have any questions, or you want to share about your experience with the practices, be in touch at contact@jyllin.com.

See you in your wood-focused practices,